Our Philosophy

Communication is dubbed by some as the ‘social science for the 21st century’ while others perceive it as the epitome of the digital age. At ZCOMS, we have envisioned communication and media as the ultimate bridge between endowments and entitlements.

Our Mission

The main purpose of Ziauddin College of Media Sciences is to train young minds to be curious and to be able to critically analyze and pass on knowledge and values instilled in them.

The College strongly believes in social, economic and ethnic diversity, and as such aims to provide quality education to students of all backgrounds. ZCOMS aims to develop the students’ understanding and appreciation for the culturally diverse worlds that we live in, so they are able to reach their highest intellectual and human potential.

Our undergraduate program, through its broad and balanced curriculum lays great emphasis on high quality education and creative solutions leading to the professional, moral, intellectual and social development of each individual.