Vice Chancellor's Message

The objective of ZUFVASCI is to provide skilful veterinarians and latest technology to benefit progressive farmers and developing farms. Here the latest research and techniques is taught to our students for treatment, feeding and management of domestic animals on scientific grounds to increase organic poultry eggs, milk and meat production that would ultimately benefit the whole nation and increase exports for our country. Preparation of silage, wheat straw treated with urea, setting up of feed mills for least cost ration preparation taught at ZUFVASCI, can provide an economical model for farmers and benefit students by providing them livestock awareness. Here, mini milk plants, poultry layer and broiler setups are intended to be installed.
Further, scientific veterinary clinics are setup to impart state of the art knowledge and research on such topics. Mobile veterinary clinics are also set up to benefit progressive farms by providing health care for animals.
Moreover, students undertaking DVM studies at ZUFVASCI can be accommodated at such progressive farms to learn artificial insemination, pregnancy diagnosis, vaccine, and disease treatment techniques. Framers can be provided with skilful resource persons by offering internship programs to final year students undertaking DVM course. Hence, an ideal veterinary faculty can be setup at this campus to facilitate both students and farmers ensuring strong professional orientation with a focus on academic excellence and graduate employability.
The primary aim of our website is to impart the basic knowledge of our technical and research facilities at ZUFVASCI that can offer students both the required academic expertise and professional skills to excel in the modern day world.

Prof. Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder
Vice Chancellor