World Egg Day

The Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (ZUFVAS) at Ziauddin University Karachi proudly organised the World Egg Day event on October 13th, 2023. The occasion witnessed an impressive gathering of faculty and students from ZUFVAS, Pharmacy, and the Faculty of Engineering, along with esteemed dignitaries from the poultry industry. Mr. Waqar Alam, President of WPSA-SZ, Dr. Shahid Waheed, Senior Vice President of WASP-SZ, Mr. Muhammad Shahryar, Joint Secretary of WASP-SZ, and Dr. Irfan Ahmed, CEO of VetEvo Enterprises, graced the event. They shared valuable insights into the nutritive value of eggs and delved into various aspects of egg production and quality evaluation. The event featured enlightening discussions on the nutritional benefits of eggs and explored the intricacies of egg production and quality assessment. Attendees gained in-depth knowledge about the vital role eggs play in our diets and the standards upheld in their production.